Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You may say that I'm a dreamer...But I'm not the only one."

So I was watching American Idol Last night...Which I never do, but happened to find my self doing so. So this kid from Murry rocked my world. His voice is sick.

So the line, "Some say that I'm a dreamer" reminded me of all of the dreams and things I wish I was doing. Generally, When I haven't seen someone in awhile I am asked, "what have you been up to?" For the most part I say, "nothing." This is also for the most part not true. I'm doing lots of things, however I really never want to get into it with someone. This is because I assume they probably don't care. I mean the mundane routine tasks of life are boring. Who wants to hear about that? So instead of sharing the boring things I've decided that I would write about the things I want to be doing (my dreams).

First, I play in a few Bands. I want to be playing music a lot more but I find little time to do so. If it were up to me I would be playing all the time.

Here is a current band project I've been working on which has been pretty fun. We just added a singer and going to be recording some songs and playing some shows.

The Band Annas

Second, I like to design things and make prints. Once again I really have no time to do so.

But recently I found some time and designed this and then I blew it up huge and put in on my wall.

Ok Computer
Thom York - Radiohead OK Computer

Third, I wish I could do a lot more snowboarding. My bother in law has been doing a ton which makes me jealous.

I'm even more jealous when I see sweet pic like this that my roommate took.

Ok Computer
Kenny Nose Press Sickness by Aaron Eskaran

Lastly, I wish I had more time to read books and see some movies.
Currently on my pile of things to read is My name is Asher Lev and Holy War Inc

Currently on my must see list

2 Million Minutes

Well Those are just a few of the things I want to be doing. I wish I had more time for them.
It's not that I want to waste away doing nothing, It's that I don't want to waste away doing work.


embily said...

hello kevin tame!!!! so i saw your link on wade and whitney's blog and i had to check it out. love it! you're the best. when are you coming out to the east coast?

aaron eskaran said...

thanks for the credit

Kayti said...

you are so talented! you have so many things on your plate right now i just hope you can decide what ally to go down and pursue:) by the way i am in LOVE with the kids from Murray on American Idol, he is incredible!

chelsmi said...

Asher Lev is a must. I hope your dreams come true.