Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've got a blog now... But people tell me its weird to have one unless you are married...They are liars!

So I was looking at Graham and Rhandi's blog and I noticed that they had Wade and Whitney as a Friend. Since Wade is one of my good friends, I thought I should take a look at his blog and see what he was up too. Unfortunately, I was quickly denied and told that I couldn't access his blog and that it was for friends only. Startled by this message I instantly became offended. I knew I was a good friend and deserved this privilege. How could Wade do this to me? Well, after crying about it for a few days I decided that it wasn't worth the hassle and I should just create my own blog and invite them to be my friend.

The other day, I was discussing with someone my situation and told them I was going to create a blog. To my surprise they told me I shouldn't. They then continued to explain to me that blogs were for married people only and that I need to stick where I belong (Facebook and Myspace) Apparently, it has become a trend in America for married people to become bloggers and the lesser class of singles to fill the ranks of Myspace and Facebook. I had never known of this social divide before. I guess the Married class developed blogs because they didn't want to associate with the single Myspacers. After this conversation I became very worried and felt that maybe my lack of a friendship with my friend Graham and Wade were all based on the fact that I couldn't have a blog. I was convinced that I needed to make a blog but at the same time I was worried that I might be violating some social norm that has been created by our society. With passion and determination I decided to put in a little time and see for myself what I could do about the situation.

I first started my research by looking at blogs. To much regret, I noticed that a good majority of blogs were done by married people. I was completely convinced so I began to investigate Facebook and Myspace.

Married! Single! Single! Married! In a Relationship!

It did matter! Facebook and Myspace seemed to be pretty universal. They were accepting of all types of relationship statuses. So why is it that blogs are mostly married people? Is it because they are superior to the single members of society?... Maybe so. Married people get better tax breaks and other rights and privileges single people don't. Maybe this blog thing is just a way for all of the married people in the world to show that they are better then the rest of everyone else.

Single people world wide I say we don't stand for this injustice. I say we "fight for our right to party" just like the married people. I call all single people to rise up and make a blog and show those filthy bums whos the boss. Don't let this social norm get you down and force you to stick to Facebook and Myspace. They are not preliminary networks that lead to blogs as soon as you are married. We all have the right to blog and you can make your own blog at anytime. I challenge you all to create a blog even if you are single and let your voice be heard.


The Orme Fam said...

Hear hear!! I agree with you, my friend Tame. Blogs should never be segregated to only the marrieds. And to prove it I'm going to put your blog on my link list! Keep fighting for the singles. You're hilarious. By the way, I didn't get the invite from Wade and Whitney either. Whitney sent it to Rhandi and I had to get her to send it to me so that I could view their blog. So don't dismay my friend. I'm going to see Wade and fam this evening (I'm in Oakland on business) when we go out to eat and I'm going to personally express this grievance and maltreatment. I'm in your corner, bro. I'll get you an invite!

Love ya,

The Daddy

chelsmi said...

Yea for blogging! Welcome aboard

k3 said...

Honestly, I think it has to do with blogs being a little more chill. Most married people probably don't have as dynamic a group of friends as singles and blogs don't facilitate it like social networks. And those lame little apps and contests are doing nothing to entice me.

wade said...

Tame!!! What up! I love your blog...I think that singles having blogs is a great idea. However I must clear up a misunderstanding. The reason that you never got the invite to our blog was because you changed your phone number without telling me about it. Thus when I texted you about the blog to get your email address to invite you I got no response from Kevin, the person I considered to be a great friend. I therefore am under the impression that once a person gets married his old single friends shun him and try to put him out of their lives by doing things such as updating their phone numbers without telling the married folks!!!

aaron eskaran said...

I guess Im jumping on board too:-)

here are things I am starting to build...




Sheryl said...

hahaha! Thanks you Kevin Tame. The funniest divide is when you look at your married friends blogs who have a child compared to yours. They mainly write about their child/children naturally and you're writing about the latest party you went to. Again, divided.
After reading a few of your posts, I hear the sociological voice come out in you! It's so great! :-)

Andrew said...

Well, dude - thanks to that tirade, and the fact that are you the prime source for integrating "cool" into my life: I too, have decided to start a blog.