Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh Captain My Captain

Captain Kevin

There are a so many reasons I love the Northwest and so little time and space to list them all. As I was in Washington this weekend I had a chance to go sailing. I had never been on a sail boat before and found that I was just like a little boy asking his Dad what made the car engine run. The owner of the boat enjoyed my enthusiasm and quickly filled me in on his 40 years of sailing knowledge. I was like a sponge absorbing every word he spoke. He taught me how to crank up the sails, how to steer the boat, how to tack, how to identify and name parts of the boat, and how to relax and enjoy the wind in your face as the boat cuts smoothly through the water.

All hands on Deck

I'm not sure I am ready to man my own sail boat, but over all the experience was exciting.


Its funny how you can do something and then become so excited about it that you want to abandon all the things you normally do and go do that one thing. This is how I felt about sailing. Its strange that as an adult I find myself falling into my same childhood traps. As a kid, I frequently would get excited about something and want to do that one thing forever. One time, I watched the movie "Three Ninjas" and for about two months after that I was positive that Ninja would be my future career. I also did the same thing with hockey (Mighty Ducks). And also with flying (Top Gun). I can't even recall the amount of times I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, even though I knew turtle was out of the question...Its not that I gave up on my temporary dreams but its that the excitement faded. Over time, only a few of these obsessions have I really stuck out till the end. (Snowboarding, Music, Etc.) Looking back, I know that my greatest memories in life have come from these crazy obsessions.

Off the shore of the Boat

Anyways, Sailing in Washington made me realize two things. One, I love the beautiful scenery. And two, don't give up so easily...sailing might be my next long lasting obsession.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Space Hog

So I'm at 35,000 feet and cramed next to a small but space hungry women. On any other flight I would find this normal but this flight was at 6 in the morning. Most flights this early are pretty sparse in the passenger department. When I decided to buy my plane ticket I figured a morning flight would not be popular and the plane would be l less likely to be full. Since I had checked in the night before I was in group A. And when I entered the plane I had every seat to choose from. As I usually do, I picked a seat on the isle and soon found that there was definitely not going to be very many people. Relief set in my mind with having an entire isle to myself. With this I began to settle in with my three seats to myself.

And then I saw her... She came in and began looking for a seat. I didn't want to make eye contact having hopes that she would go past and find some other single isle dwealer to bother. Then it happened... I couldn't resist... my eyes looked up for a single second and then she asked... Agh! My mind was racing for an excuse but low and behold I simple stood up an let her in. It really wasn't that big of a deal but then I saw what she was doing and I nearly lost it. She couldn't be I thought. Why would you sit there when there could be a seat right between us. Yes folks it's true she sat right next to me and left the seat by the window open. In hindsight I should have stood up right then and moved to another seat or asked her to move. However, I did neither. I sat back down and accepted my fate.

I'm glad that she has been able to sleep the entire time. I also hope she is happy that I have been uncomfortable and have felt the feeling that my personal space has been violated. If she has that happiness then I too am happy...punk!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My new friend

Since I wreaked my car I thought I would start riding a bike. Don't be
jealous Cade!