Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who is this Strange Man Taking My Picture?

Who is this strange man taking my picture?

Yea Cayman...
Do you know this guy? He's kind of freaking me out.
Oh, that's Daddy's friend Kevin.

Ah, I see...

But Dad I thought I was your only friend!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Washington Stroll

Today, I took a stroll in my parents yard.

Outside Stroll_15
The Fall City House

Outside Stroll_1
This time of year the trees are completely covered with moss.

Outside Stroll_2

Outside Stroll_13

Outside Stroll_11

Outside Stroll_23

Outside Stroll_22

Outside Stroll_21

Outside Stroll_5
The smell of the fire in the house makes my heart warm of memories of my childhood.
Outside Stroll_7

Outside Stroll_8
The leaves never blow away.

Outside Stroll_14

Outside Stroll_17
The garden is full of beautiful flowers and statues.

Outside Stroll_18
The last surviving flowers before the winter fully hits.

Outside Stroll_19

Outside Stroll_20
I always love to come home.