Thursday, February 28, 2008


I currently have this strange obsession with the doctor. I know it's probably a little inappropriate to be expressing my love to him. But I can't get enough. I don't know what it is? It could be the viruses evil faces taunting me. Last night I just kept playing and playing and playing.

Dr. Mario This ones for you bro.

I love you!


The Orme Fam said...

Hey Kev,

I'm not commenting on Dr. Mario, but on your your photo on the title of your blog. It's sweet. I love how it's just you, no background and you positioned yourself off to the side. Very artistic. How did you set it up? Did you use photoshop or something to cut yourself out of the background? And then, how did you get it set up on the right?



Sheryl said...

Dr. Mario is the bomb! I actually think he totally deserves a blog post to just for him. Oh no, I have to do a word verification. Here we go.

Heather said... game EVER!

The Olsens said...

I got the doc on my computer (ROM and emulator) and got a USB controller. Now we are in virus city. I think we spent a whole summer perfecting our prescription skills. AWESOME!!!