Monday, March 22, 2010

New Jersey woman wants to weigh 1,000 pounds

Donna Simpson is shooting for 1000 pounds and is doing it by consuming 12,000 calories a day. She is currently weighing in at 604 pounds and has a mammoth 400 more to go. I don't think her body can handle that type of diet and she will most likely die. What do you think?

Posted via web from Kevin Tame


Mindy Hales said...

I think that's ridiculous!! The thing is, she probably will reach her goal because Heavenly Father designed our bodies so wonderfully that they continue on even when we mistreat them over and over again. Personally, I think she is being really selfish and one day will be accountable for way she abused her body.

Jillian said...

umm...of all the stupid goals you could wish to achieve in your lifetime. She chooses one that will kill her.