Friday, December 25, 2009

Grandma loves to show Josh how to ride his rocking horse.

I love this photo and I know Grandma is going to kill me for posting
it. However, I just couldn't resist. Josh did not want to ride his new
rocking horse and grandma was determined to teach him how to do it.
(She bought it and was not going to settle for it just sitting in the

After a few atempts to get Josh to ride, I suggested she get on to
show him how it was done. To my surprise and amazement she did. I
happened to catch this moment of pure craziness and it just made my
day. My favorite part is Josh looking at her and thinking, what is
this lady doing.

Well people who actually read the things I write, I want to wish you
all a Merry Christmas. However, always remember that the things in
life that make you laugh are sometimes woman over 55 riding a little
pony designed for a toddler.

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