Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I dig these guys! So many of their songs sound like a shoegaze version of "The Smiths"


Lea Tame said...

Good song... stupid band name!

Aaron + Kayti said...

kev - good find. im into it, but i am with lea on this one - poor choice for a band name.

Jonah said...

First of I wish to preface my comment by saying that I am not a hater. I actually enjoy this bands music.
I think that the whole Brooklyn scene is a tad bit over-hyped for what its bands are churning out.

This post reminded me of a quote I read recently by Jay Reatard:

"Brooklyn shut up! Most of your bands all suck and you are total wanna bees! The Pains of Being Boring at Heart...oh it must hurt being so bland."

Apparently he is not such a fan.

Oh well, I enjoy them.
Lea is right about the name though.

Kevin Tame said...

Jay Retard? I mean Reatard... Unfortunate name!

Kevin Tame said...

PS I watched a video of these guys singing this song live... it sucked.