Saturday, October 11, 2008

YouTube Videos I Like

These are some of my recent favorite YouTube videos... also there are a few of my all time favorites. I have a huge list of my all time favorites however it is hard to consolidate to just a few. So, I'm just posting these...Anyways, I'm looking to increase my list so if anyone has any other good YouTube videos they want to share with me I'm always looking for new ones. Just post them in the comments and I will take a look at them.

(these videos are in no particular order)

Hips Don't Lie

Bee money

Cow falling over

Jason Basketball skills

Why middle aged women should stay indoors

Japanese game show

German water bed prank

Breastfeeding at 8

Paul Potts the Pimp


Mindy Hales said...

Holy Breastfeeding!!! If they can ask for your boobs then it is time to stop.

aaron eskaran said...


Sheryl said...

Better than mangos even. I'd rather have breast milk than melons! So funny to me.

The basketball one's my favorite. High school the simple days.

Kristen said...

the breast feeding one is new. the others I feel I have seen with you throughout the years, but oh man, I was laughing to myself throughout.

Kristen said...

umm..the breast should be free to float about?

the artwork??

They named them?!


Lauren said...

I'm Way late with this, but here are some of my favorites!