Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Radical Red Reverberator

"Earth. The dawn of mankind. 10 trillion years ago. Cavemen... pterodactyls... unicorns. What did they have for sound effects? Cave reverb. It was ok, but they longed for more sonically complex ambient spaces. Yes, Dr. Scientist was there... yesterday... and yes, he's decided it's time for humanity to feel the comfort and warmth of really great sounding reverb!

The special team of Dr. Scientist Radicalizers, Redulators, and Reverbotizers want you to have more than just ancient cave reverb though... they want you to have 8 high quality, 24 bit digital reverb effects! Dr. Scientist insists we throw in a laser grid too... and a really cool name... something like... the RADICAL RED REVERBERATOR!

The RRR offers 8 great sounding, studio-quality reverb effects in 1 great looking, studio-quality enclosure. The reverb effects include spacious halls, small rooms, and the large plates of yester-year, with 2 switch-able decay time settings. You can adjust the mix of the wet and dry signals from fully wet to fully dry, and the level control puts a considerable amount of volume at your fingertips. The RRR is perfect at the end of an effects chain where some make-up gain and a touch of space might be desired... or perfect for setting up a sweet and subtle ambient reverb environment and then blasting it louder than everybody else!

Dr. Scientist knows you need some reverb... it's so cool and dense and dreamy sounding! And he knows you want your reverb to sound absolutely heavenly. With its high-impedance buffer, high-end audio op-amps, and 24-bit Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog converters, the Radical Red Reverberator will sound glorious anywhere in your signal chain or effects loop that you'd like some reverb. And with 8 complex and interesting sounding reverb effects to choose from, Dr. Scientist knows you're going to want reverb in all kinds of places!"

Radical Red Reverberator I dream of you at night

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